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Writer's Spotlight

Who are the members of our writing community?

We are proud to feature a great line up of writers in The New Canadian Stories. Our Writer' Spotlight, starting on page 32, boasts a great roster of writers who have contributed some amazing stories and poetry.

Check out these writers in our Summer issue:

-Fiarra Ember Nixon, The Voice

-Vicki Merrigan-Schofield, The House That Poppy Built

-Renee Cronley, The 2011 Assiniboine River Flood

-Nancy Lewis, Burnt Curtains

-Carol Morrissey, No Not a Refugee

-Violet St. Clair, All the Wagons We Leave Behind

-Rosanna Elves, Escape From Bedrock

-Carol Greene, Ford Econoline

-Gail Stelter, Alice's New Coat

-Judith Brooke, My Reward

-Roberta Peets, Driving to Drumheller

-Peter Joyce, Ed The Editor

-Henry Stronks, Janzen and Crew

-Nancy Waddell, The Rolling Pin

Which story or poem is your favourite?

Watch for some new voices in the upcoming Fall issue! Be sure to email us and submit your stories and poetry for future issues.

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